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Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my 33rd birthday, and I will be celebrating with a gluten free cupcake and a personal training session. Birthdays have been full of disappointment in my life, I always seem to have cotton candy dreams of what they will be, but this year I’ve tries to be realistic. The result? I’ve felt very relaxed and at peace (maybe the noontime margarita helped?) Tonight O had dinner with my family, and my husband went out of his way to get special gluten free cupcakes. I blessed and having a great workout is my idea of a great present to myself. Looking forward to what 33 holds!

A very merry unbirthday to everyone!!

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Sweating off Stress


Since getting healthier, exercise has been my stress reliever. I work a high stress job, I am one of those people who thrives on a bit of chaos. I get a lot of that working in event planning and for a start up. Which I’ve learned since having this thyroid/adrenal diagnosis is probably a symptom of it. I “need” the stress to make me keep going and feel alive. One of things I’ve had to do to start healing is throttle back my workouts. No more HIIT, no more Turbo Fire, it’s really hard for me to not have this exhausting type of workout.

Lately, my work has been more and morestressful, we are on the hunt for a house to buy, and my doctor told me I need to start meditating 20 min a day to try and bring my stress levels down. I am really trying and it’s hard because I find my mind wandering and I have to reign it back in and focus on the breathing. During the day though I find myself feeling like I am being squeezed by a vice, that I am slipping backward in the progress of getting my body better. And all I want it is an all out crazy workout to just make me go ahhhh! *flop* 

What’s your favorite stress reliever? 

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Way Delayed Rock N Roll Portland Half Marathon Recap

It was a chilly morning May 19th, but the rain was saying 20%. Fingers crossed it would be a dry one. This year I planned to park near the end, as last year I got an extra couple miles in post finish line. As a blister and tight calf victim, this is never fun after the finish. My mom, Suzie (my personal trainer), and I took some photos of ourselves to capture the neon glory we were sporting. 

Digging my KT Tape – Day 2

We walked our way to the start line, to find that this year they were keeping the corrals closed to closer to race start. So, we had some time to people watch, glare at the sky when it tried to sprinkle on us.
Not this year Portland!! Keep your rain drops up there!!
We also become the official photographers favorite, “Can I take your photo?.” we had at least six taken before the race started. What can I say the running skirts I sewed last night were TOTALLY worth it!
Waiting in Corral 22

Made the last minute porta-potty run, and hike to Coral 22, it was time to go. Okaaay so that’s what the people in corral #1 think, but us in Coral 22 we spend about 30min slowly inching our way to the front. This year the route was changed, so we had the dreaded Naito Parkway out and back. It’s boring, depressing, dreary, and there is nothing like thinking wee mile three DONE! As the winner comes cruising in the other side…wind taken out sails momentarily.

One the things I do love about this race is the music, just when you’re kinda feeling ho hum, slowing your pace, it boosts you along. Although the bands that kick into a slam jam, ballad song really do chap my hide. REALLY?! Now I know I’m slower it doesn’t mean I need a funeral march playing for me! 

We wove through Portland dry, climbed up the long reaching hill of Hawthorne and had a blast the entire time. There is a highly flattering montage a race photog took of me jamming to a reggae band at a stop light. I had a 9 mile slump, that had the pain in my feet making me question my sanity for about a mile. Mom and Suzie just kept pepping me back up, and we bantered our way back to a good place. Next thing you know I was recognizing the last few miles of the course and the adrenaline was going. In the last half mile the music is blaring and it’s time to run like a Kenyan for the finish line. 

Great day to finish another 13.1 and complete marathon weekend. We took part in the bananas, water, bagels, Michalob Lite beer, and FREE WHEATIES!! Benefit of being towards the end the vendors not wanting to pack home lots of extras. Wheaties happens to be my brother’s favorite cereal!

Suzie celebrating with PLENTY of CARBS!!

Will I do it again? YES! Signed up for 2014 at the expo, with my neon bells on!

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Queen of the High Road Half Marathon Recap

Saturday Morning turned out to be a cool and wet one, while it wasn’t raining when we arrived at the park for the start. It did start raining shortly after that.

The Queen of the High Road Half Marathon is a local race, that is put on in Wilsonville, Oregon, by the Sole Sisters. It is without an official chip time, they encourage women of all abilities to just prove to themselves they can cross the finish line. This is my 3rd year participating in this race, and many things have changed. My first one I had a stress fracture in my right foot, took off my walking cast , and participated against doctors orders. Last year, I was told by a podiatrist I shouldn’t be competing in distance races due to excessively tight calves, against doctors orders I did it. This year, my doctor didn’t pretend she was going to stop me from doing it after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. She just advised me that it might affect how quickly I recover, and I noted that.

The first year we did this, my personal trainer, Suzie, her daughters, and another client, where the only other ones besides my mom and I. This year she had a large group of women sign up to join, unfortunately the excuses and no-shows happened. Sadly, people forget to believe in themselves, and allow the fear of the 13.1 to overcome them.

We took off into the pouring rain for the first few miles. I don’t wear rain gear, or long sleeves. My outfit consists of a tech shirt and capris, the water will dry I always think. It’s a familiar course and minus the impending blisters I felt good. I stayed with my mom and her friend for the most part of the course, making sure to really concentrate of taking in plenty of Shot Bloks and watermelon Nuun. I figure if I am going to be wearing my body out, I gotta be full of fuel to keep me going.

When we were headed into the “canyon” which is a lovely straight down and switchback up on a paved trail at mile 11.5 I had a moment. I suddenly realized although my feet hurt and my legs were kinda tired, I felt emotionally and spiritually great! This was a big change, and I hope this means my thyroid and adrenal fatigue is improving.

wilsonville trail

As we headed down the last road back to the park, we were feeling pretty good. This was Ruby’s  first half marathon, so we all wanted to cross together.


Then we are crowned “Queen of the High Road” as a medal. My mom, Ruby (her friend), and I.

QHR2013_5 QHR2013_6 QHR2013_4
That’s my mom on the left in the matching red “Tym 4 Me Fitness” shirt (my personal trainer),and her friend, Ruby, in the black shirt talking to us. I was making sure my tiara was on properly. So important 🙂

It did end up drying out after the first few miles, and was nice and overcast. So my paleness stayed unburnt this year!


Good looking group! So, proud to have been along side women that were completing their first (of I am sure many) half marathon!!

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Mother of All Supporters

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is dedicated to my mom who supports me in my fanatical love of half marathons, and participated right next to me in every single one of them. Even the back to backer 🙂
My mom always was a walker. I remember in my teens she would walk the 10k Portland Mayor’s Walk that went along the last 6.2 miles of the Portland Marathon. I joined her a few years, I remember feeling so accomplished and completely enamored with the energy of the marathon. I am sure it came off more as pissy teenager slogging along in pain though. As I got older and I’d complain about my weight she’d offer to take me with her on walks, and I’d roll my eyes and go back to my room. Ugh, why would I want to exercise bleck. But without her constantly asking if I wanted to I would have never finally said yes. She asked me 3 and half years ago if I’d like to go with to personal training (she’d never been either.) I said yes. We’ve gotten to get fit and experience the accomplishments of half marathons together, she even wears the outfits I create for theme races.  I leave you with a few of our fabulous race photos from the past year. I love you Mom! Thank you for being my biggest supporter in this and everything else!

momfinewine  Fueled By Fine Wine, Dundee, Oregon, July 15, 2012. This is one of the most beautiful race courses, you wind through vineyards. Also, one of the most difficult!

lottery holiday half-1942

Can you tell we’re related?   Holiday Half, Portland,Oregon, December 16, 2012.  It was bitter cold, high winds, pelted with rain/ice. Seriously,  couldn’t feel my limbs for awhile after this race.  The race director came up to us after and said we had the best costumes. As woggers we may not make it back for the official costume contest, but oh we get noticed!

hophophalf Hop Hop Half, Portland, Oregon, March 24, 2013. An Easter themed race, that was along the lovely Marine Drive path. I literally whimpered for the last few miles my feet were on fire, really bad blisters.  Mom did lil dances and tried to distract me. She also wore these fabulous outfits I created.

Happy Mother’s Day to All The Great Mothers Out There!

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Trying to Taper My Urge to Wog

I am one week out to my back to back half marathons. At the same time I am suppose to be starting my healing of this adrenal fatigue and thyroid condition.

Rule #1 = Take it Easy.

That being said, I only went to personal training once this week. I took Monday & Friday as rest days, and I did water relaxing water aerobics. For me, this has been taking it easy.

I have always been horrible at tapering pre-half marathon. I’m like oh well I’ll only do 4-6 miles every night and do personal training twice this week, that’s tapering. This has kind of forced me to relax before the race days. I know I am conditioned to do and I will do it, the problem is I wanna move!

I will continue to respect that taper . Drink water and have as many zen moments so my adrenals, cortisol, hormones, thyroid, etc can all get harmonious together.


Do you believe in tapering prior to a race?

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Me and My Cha-Cha-Chia

As a kid I always wanted one of those damn chia pets. The Saturday morning cartoon commercials would drive me into a chia wanting frenzy. I’d ask for one for Christmas, my birthday, and never saw one. Santa didn’t get the memo.Image

Fast forward a few years, and with all this new healthy eating talk. I keep hearing about quinoa, acai, and chia seeds. I kind of scoff at these fad healthy foods, but then I decided to try quinoa and it was tasty. Then I was at a Healthy Living Expo for work, when I was asked, “Wanna try some chia?” Normally, I would say no thank you and keep on walking. That day I was in a try new things mood and I said sure. Next thing I know I am trying all the flavors of Mama Chia and every texture squeemishness I normally have, wasn’t activated. I loved the stuff!! Protein, Omega 3, I understand all the ingredients! Now, if my healthy addiction wasn’t so pricey I’d be even happier. I case of Blackberry Hibiscus (my fav flav) at Costco would be a dream.  My advice give it a try, because if you don’t like it, it’ll definitely be an experience!

mamma chia
Disclaimer: No one paid me or gave me free product for this review. I love Mamma Chia and just wanted to share my love with the world.

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Finding Hope the Natural Way

During my appointment with the naturopath, it was the first time I was listened to. She actually got upset when she heard how other doctors had treated me. She spend TWO HOURS going over my medical history. I think the last time I spent 2 hours with a doctor, I was in surgery. It was amazing to have her listen and take notes, going over everything she could imagine. Then stopping and saying, “Well first off, you’re not just meant to be fat. It sounds like your poor body is exhausted.”

After some discussion she suspected adrenal fatigue and low cortisol  levels are wreaking havoc on my body. I had extensive testing done, blood, urine, and saliva, that verified I was very far down that road of adrenal fatigue, with my cortisol levels on empty and my thyroid conserving every last calorie I am ingesting.

What now?! A lot more changes than I expected, including throttling my exercise way back, gluten free, dairy free… It’s like all my favorite things are being taken to make me feel better. I am OVERWHELMED, and it all makes me wanna take a nap. Which I hear is a natural response to having adrenal fatigue, maybe I’ll just curl up in a sunbeam and nap like that lil kitten.


I know I have a long road ahead of me, and I will share, because I am sure there are others out there who have been told they’re not doing enough, when they’re doing TOO MUCH!

Where if your favorite place to nap?


Build Me Up Buttercup!

One of the things I am very lucky to have is support. My family is super supportive of my passion for fitness, losing weight, and my fanatical love of half marathons.

My mom has accompanied me on every half marathon (even when I put her in matching costumes) and personal training session. My husband has been supportive of all my training, helping roll out my muscles, and he has embraced our changed diet.

In the early years of me trying to change, I had toxic friends around me. I know I was the “fat friend.” The one they always thought well at least I’m not THAT big.  Unfortunately, it took too long to realize they weren’t ever going to get on board with me changing. They were the people who insisted you needed to eat ice cream, cake, and candy because they wanted to. When I got them out of my life, it was amazing how much easier it was for me to workout and stick to my plan.

I believe a great support system is one of those keys to successful weight loss. If you feel everyone is constantly trying to sabotage you, or talk you out of the workout, it’s going to be harder to succeed.

This is my mom and I after out latest half marathon, Hop Hop Half, it was Easter themed and had brunch with mimosas at the end. The skirts and hats were made by me, the sassy coordinating tops bought at the fabu Target!


After the Hop Hop Half Marathon – March 24, 2013

Who is your biggest supporter?

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Waiting to Workout

That’s my mini dachshund, Martini. She doesn’t love waiting and being asked to be patient. Especially, when I tell her she can have a photo shoot to pass the time.

In a ideal world, I would get up in the morning and then continue to work. Sadly, my world is far from ideal. I commute to work, get there by 7:30am, and suffer horrible insomnia. So, after trying to force the morning workout I gave up, I always hope to get at least 6 hours sleep.

This in turn leads me to evening workouts. Which as the days get longer isn’t so bad. The exception is my water aerobics class that isn’t offered till 7:15pm. I do enjoy it! It gives me a high energy, low impact workout, which my beat up feet and calves need. Along with being a fun social outing. Normally I done with a wog or personal training by 6pm, but on Tuesday and Thursdays I wait for the late hour of the pool.

Are you an early bird or night owl workout person? Or a lunch timer?

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