Wog This Way

Wogging My Way To a Healthier Me


Hi, My Name is Kimberly and I wanna change my life! Here is my story, so far….

I didn’t grow up a fat kid, full of high caloric food, and inactivity. Just the opposite, I was fed healthy home cooked food most of the time and had a hard time when my parents told me I had to give up one sport. They all had conflicting schedules, I swam competitively, played soccer & basketball, along with being involved in tap and jazz dance classes.  In my teens, I kept the same routine, but my body didn’t agree and the weight slowly creeped on. I went through high school and college fluctuating in weight, but never really actively concerning myself with it. It was like a mosquito that would hover and buzz, but I’d swat it away.

On New Year’s Even 2008 I walked into a Snap Fitness and signed up. It was the least intimidating gym I had found, small, and 24 hours access. I could visit different locations, there was one close to my work and my home. I was in a job where I felt alone, and had unfortunately been to the local 7-11 too many times. This moment is very vivid in my mind, as it was the first tiny baby step to weight loss I’d taken. After that I went to the gym Monday-Thursday and pounded my feet to the treadmill or elliptical.  At this point I think the weight gain stopped.

My mom got me walking on an intermittent schedule with her, and we started planning my wedding. The moment happened when a bridal dress sales girl told me, “Fancy dresses like that, aren’t made for girls your size.” It angered me on the outside, inside it broke my heart.

Summer 2009 we finally took the plunge and signed up with a personal trainer. Not any personal trainer, but Suzie. We’ve known Suzie many years, and seen the flyer for the past years advertising her business, Tym 4 Me Fitness. I wore my 2x work out clothes, and got the reality check when the scale read 265lbs. My body fat was unhealthy, and I felt so sick a few times in that workout it saddened me. She had me start logging my food, and fitness from that day forward has changed my life. My mom and I have religiously seen Suzie twice a week, through job lay offs, financial strife, and death, we have found a way.

That might seem extreme to some, but exercise has brought me a calm and health that I never thought I’d see. I continue on this adventure every day. In May 2013, I was diagnosed with a depressed thyroid and adrenal fatigue, so now I have to deal with that and how that affects my progress.


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