Wog This Way

Wogging My Way To a Healthier Me

Sweating off Stress

on June 19, 2013


Since getting healthier, exercise has been my stress reliever. I work a high stress job, I am one of those people who thrives on a bit of chaos. I get a lot of that working in event planning and for a start up. Which I’ve learned since having this thyroid/adrenal diagnosis is probably a symptom of it. I “need” the stress to make me keep going and feel alive. One of things I’ve had to do to start healing is throttle back my workouts. No more HIIT, no more Turbo Fire, it’s really hard for me to not have this exhausting type of workout.

Lately, my work has been more and morestressful, we are on the hunt for a house to buy, and my doctor told me I need to start meditating 20 min a day to try and bring my stress levels down. I am really trying and it’s hard because I find my mind wandering and I have to reign it back in and focus on the breathing. During the day though I find myself feeling like I am being squeezed by a vice, that I am slipping backward in the progress of getting my body better. And all I want it is an all out crazy workout to just make me go ahhhh! *flop* 

What’s your favorite stress reliever? 


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