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Final Countdown Twist & Shout

on May 17, 2013

In 12 hours I’ll be headed to be 7th half marathon, and in 26 hours my 8th! Started by hitting the Rock n’ Roll Portland Expo. The vendors weren’t as abundant with the giveaways. Last year the Clif reps gave everyone 4 sleeves of Shot Bloks, it was like runner’s Christmas! The normal snack handouts, which are even more fun now being gluten free. Thank you, I’ll read the ingredients later, maybe my husband can eat it. The exciting bit was getting KT taped. I’ve read a lot about this, tried Rock Tape, but never had a trained person apply it. He was so non-judge mental and helpful. Now here is hoping it helps this weekend! Calf and ankle pain be gone *poof*


Now, to rest, relax, eat properly.
Today as I was leaving work one of my co-workers asked me, “What does it feel like to finish a half marathon?” My answer was simple, “You feel like Ferris Bueller on top of the float singing Twist & Shout, it’s amazing.” His repsonse, “Who’s Ferris Bueller?” I felt suddenly very old and fled the warehouse!

What does finishing a race or a super hard workout make you feel like?



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