Wog This Way

Wogging My Way To a Healthier Me

Waiting to Workout

on April 23, 2013

That’s my mini dachshund, Martini. She doesn’t love waiting and being asked to be patient. Especially, when I tell her she can have a photo shoot to pass the time.

In a ideal world, I would get up in the morning and then continue to work. Sadly, my world is far from ideal. I commute to work, get there by 7:30am, and suffer horrible insomnia. So, after trying to force the morning workout I gave up, I always hope to get at least 6 hours sleep.

This in turn leads me to evening workouts. Which as the days get longer isn’t so bad. The exception is my water aerobics class that isn’t offered till 7:15pm. I do enjoy it! It gives me a high energy, low impact workout, which my beat up feet and calves need. Along with being a fun social outing. Normally I done with a wog or personal training by 6pm, but on Tuesday and Thursdays I wait for the late hour of the pool.

Are you an early bird or night owl workout person? Or a lunch timer?


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